Play and Win: Casino Strategies & Tips

Anyone who has ever seen ads from popular gambling clubs thought about trying the hand at online gambling. However, slot machines are the main source of casino income, so many users are afraid to take risks and bet on real money.

However, professional gamblers often share tips on themed forums regarding the profitability of such a hobby. And today we will try to show all the tips and strategies in detail. And you just have to carefully study the review and apply it in real game mode!

Professional Player Rules

As a rule, slot machines are programmed for 95% + payout. This means that in the long term, approximately 95% of the bets are returned to players in the form of a huge number of small wins and a few jackpots. The remaining 5% remains casino earnings. But as statistics show, many users ignore the rules of a safe game — as a result, they don`t receive any income.

Our experts have collected a few tips to help you get a stable income and protect from money wasting:

  1. Choose a well-known brand. The main factor for a good game is a payout guarantee. Often, illegal gambling operators use slots with payouts of much less than 95%. As a result, most of the gamblers’ bets turn out to be losing. Besides, on quality platforms, you can also always try playing the demo version of a particular slot and check how it works for free.
  2. Choose a slot carefully. Tens of thousands of different slots today can differ in several key principles, including game difficulty, betting system, return on winnings, and other factors. For example, slot machines with rare but big wins are not suitable for clients who are going to make only a couple of bets. However, pokies with winning combinations on each line are perfect for them.
  3. Read slot reviews and apply different tactics. For example, pro players use an increase and decrease in rates for a certain period of the game, an increase in rates on a bonus round, a change in rates after winning / losing, as well as switching to other types of slots after a certain number of spins.
  4. Choose the right time to play. Like any other entertainment area, there are certain bonus schedules at casinos. Very often, such rewards come on weekends, when most people visit the portals. During “generous” days, jackpots and bet rates go up, as well as the number of winning symbol combinations. As a rule, clubs offer even more FS and nice gifts — small cash prizes, promotional codes, loyalty points.

There is one more rule, but it is aimed at the player`s psychology. So, try to allocate a certain amount of money for betting. This way, such a hobby doesn`t go over the edge of your irritation and doesn`t cause addiction.

Profitable Strategies

Many experienced clients prefer to systematically study game logic and its algorithms. It is useful for getting the one hundred percent opportunity at one moment and taking away the well-deserved winnings. In this regard, our team has collected the easiest strategies to win:

  1. «Ten spins» tactics. If after 10 spins your capital turned out to be less than the initial one, you need to increase the bet and make another 10 spins in a short-term attempt to win back. If after the first 10 spins you have made a profit, you can switch to another machine. As professionals assure, the slot often allows you to win in the beginning but then becomes greedy.
  2. «Pyramid» tactics. According to this strategy, the player (regardless of loss or win) must go from his minimum bet to the maximum, and then vice versa. This pyramid scheme allows you to test the pokie in different modes and see how it reacts to changes.
  3. «Martingale» tactics. The strategy is very different from the previous scheme since the player doubles bets 2 times even after a loss. As clients clarify, slot machines can be programmed for the complex action of «losing — bet decreasing», and a sharp increase helps to go beyond the usual algorithm.
  4. «Win-win, Lose-lose» tactics. Also, the strategy is sometimes called “Parlay” tactics or “Anti-Martingale” tactics. As we said above, the algorithms of some pokies can be repeated in certain cases. That is why experts advise decreasing rates after a loss and increase them after a win. In some WWLL variations, pro players advise returning to the first-rate after a loss and raise it only after a winning round.

Additionally, there are a couple of tips that are relevant for the listed tactics:

  • set a certain period for the game and don`t go beyond it;
  • end the game after reaching the winning cycle;
  • don`t neglect the minimum bets at the beginning and the end of the game;
  • avoid the largest possible bets despite the winning cycle.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all method that will allow you to win at the club, but obviously, pro advice will bring you closer to victory.

The Most Profitable Pokies

Even though the return to the player (RTP) at first glance seems to be the only important parameter when choosing a machine, it is not. The following indicators will be equally important:

  • the variance of winnings — how likely it is to get a large multiplication,
  • cycle length — how long can a series of empty spins last,
  • volatility — how risky it is to play the selected slot.

We recommend you choose slots with RTP over 97%, for example you can read about them at mr bet review. Volatility should be medium, cycle length should be long or medium, and variance of winnings should be high. For example, considering the classic games from the Netent, the following slots can be regarded as profitable:

  • MegaJoker — 99% RTP, the very high variance of winnings, the long cycle length;
  • JackPot 6000 — 98,86% RTP, the very high variance of winnings, also the long cycle length;
  • Kings of Chicago — 97,8% RTP, the high variance of winnings, also the long cycle length.

Fortunately, all data on these parameters is publicly available (either on the portal website in a tab with a certain machine or in independent reviews).

Wager: The Parameter`s Importance

It is always worth remembering that casinos are not charitable organizations — the portals act solely in their interests. Most often, any encouragement from their side is beneficial to the clubs themselves. Such rewards include any welcome bonuses, as well as free spins, cashback, and other popular types of cash gifts.

And in order not to splurge on rewards for new customers, the casino came up with a wager — a special parameter that is important for getting real money. Wager usually ranges from x35 to x60 and means a multiplier (how many bets a player must make to withdraw winnings).

For example, the greeting prize is usually $100 with x50 wager. It turns out like this: you make a deposit of $100, get a $100 bonus on top — a total of $200. And in order to be able to withdraw any winnings from this “gift”, you must bet totally on the $5000 (100 * 50). Thus, it is sometimes better to refuse a gift than to embark on a painful path of wagering out.

We hope that all of the tips and strategies that were presented in the review were useful to you. Do not forget to study as much information as possible on each slot on which you are going to bet. This will allow you to play with maximum return and minimum outlays. Good luck!